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Data Conversion Specialist

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Data Conversion Specialist

Data Conversion Specialist

Company  Overview

GrowthZone, Inc. believes that communities matter, and associations are often unsung heroes in allowing communities and industries to thrive. We put our energy toward empowering those associations so they can in turn propel their members. We do this by working together to invent, develop and support the world’s leading association/membership software platforms.  We are nestled in mid-Minnesota where we believe we can grow an operationally excellent, high growth SaaS company in rural MN that rivals those in traditional tech hubs. We do this by serving our customers with excellence, serving each other and caring more about our team success than our own.

Position Overview

When customers decide to partner with GrowthZone and use our leading association management platform they often have existing data that they would like to import into our system. This position is responsible for creating scripts that transform the customer’s data into a format that can be imported into GrowthZone. This position works closely with a fellow Onboarding Manager to achieve this. The onboarding manager acquires the data from the customer in a variety of formats (Excel, Access, SQL Server, Salesforce exports, ACT!, and many more). The onboarding manager also documents how the customer uses their existing data, what is important to import, etc. This position is responsible for creating a custom program/script that transforms the customers data into our GrowthZone XML import format and then executing that import into GrowthZone.

Typically the script is run once onto a staging environment where the customer and our Onboarding Manager can review the data. Then after any corrections are made to the script a date is set for an official cutover where we get the latest copy of the customer’s data and do a final run of the script. Occasionally post conversion tweaks are made via SQL queries or API tools directly.

This position is ideal for developers that like shorter projects with the opportunity for more analysis and a more immediate impact on our customers. This position serves as an ideal stepping stone to our software engineering group because as a Data Conversion Specialists you’ll be gaining an understand of how our customers use our system, be able to apply analysis and recommendations on product usage, leverage our API, and ideally help improve our conversion toolset.

Role and Responsibilities: 

  • Partner with project managers and participate in customer data consult calls, project planning and delivery of the data conversion as part of the overall implementation of the GrowthZone software.
  • Ability to work in a team environment while effectively communicating challenges you find to teammates and stakeholders in order to improve the onboarding process and provide the best experience for our customers.
  • Ability to analyze data and write queries or scripts to support the data mapping into the GrowthZone software based on the customer expectations from the data consult.
  • Ability to update existing data and write new or update existing queries or scripts for execution for any post production updates and fixes.
  • Attention to detail while proceeding through the data conversion process.  Provide feedback for continued process improvement.
  • Provide platform/database feedback to the product team to continue to evolve and improve products.
  • Opportunity to create or develop conversion tools.
  • Collaboration with others to seek out expertise, knowledge, and resources to develop solutions to problems.

Required Skills

  • Strong technical aptitude and proven experience with any of the key areas and tools below:
    • Creating C#/LinqPad scripts and leverage our data import SDK
    • Querying relational databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, mySQL, PostgreSQl, Oracle, Access, etc.
    • Working with other data tools such as SSIS, ETL tools, Excel, XML, Quickbooks, etc.
  • Ability to solve data integration problems in a complex software platform.
  • Demonstrate excellent written and verbal communication skills.
  • Enjoy critical thinking and problem solving.
  • Personal integrity and a commitment to customer service.  Is committed to quality and conducts data validations.
  • Knowledge of Web-based products and ability to learn new applications and technology quickly
  • Ability to master new technology effectively and efficiently to be successful in a constantly changing environment.
  • Excellent time management and ability to commit to and deliver upon project timelines.

Preferred Skills

  • 2 year degree in IT technology, programming or database management or equivalent experience preferred.
  • Experience tracking tasks and work using a ticketing system or CMS.
  • Experience with Software as a Service (SaaS)
  • Chamber of Commerce or Association experience is a plus

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